If you are a car dealer and wanted to expand your business, you need to create visibility and expose yourself to the potential digital market. In order to grow your business, it is imperative that your business makes an online presence on the internet.

Digital marketing on internet will increase your sales, so if you don’t have presence on the online market and you are willing to grow your business then you can signup for our Car Dealer Portal, in this portal you will have separate landing page and business identity, where you can add all the data of your stock and manage them through our portal.


What We Can Do For You?

In today’s technology-driven era, an online presence of your business is very important as more than half of your potential clients are searching for the product that your business offers. If you don’t have a sound presence online, then there is a high chance you are missing out a huge chunk of potential buyers.

In order to have a sound presences join our Car dealer portal, our team of digital experts will ensure to make you visible on the internet and divert a large amount of traffic to your business landing page, which will ultimately increase your sales.

Besides we will make your business profile on social media platforms so that you can interact with your targeted clients and buyers and learn firsthand what they are looking for, in this way we help you to create brand loyalty and get loyal customers, Moreover, by providing Superior and excellent digital marketing services your business will skyrocket in no time.


How Do We Achieve The Above?

Nowadays, a website is mandatory for any business to expand. An online presence will convert the visitors into potential leads for your business. They integrate the latest technique, ideas, and methods in a way to produce the desired results in a short period of time; they represent your business and a miniature of your original website.

Getting a website developed and then look around for hosting package, server configurations, setting it up is not an easy task to do. We provide you with all in one solution for that. You just have to tell us your desired domain name and it’s all done. You can manage your stock, inventory, customers, and orders at a single platform. Car dealer portal will provide you with all these services in our online admin panel. You will have a list of themes to choose from for your website and can customize it with your own company logo, banners, and content, also you can also post your items to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in just one click.  With integrated Email Marketing Solution you can send promotions to buyers which will generate Leads and Boost your Sales.

Our Portal will also provide access to Japan Live auction, where you and your customers can directly buy vehicles from Japan Auction Platforms. We will also provide you services to deliver the stock on your homeland shipping port with lowest commission plans.

Use our customer management system to manage all your customers and contact details. Extensive reports to analyze Receivable, Profits and Inventory. And with the User access feature in our portal, you can assign different tasks to a relevant user without sharing sensitive details of other sections. You can also manage Auction on your existing stock and get the best price of your stock.


Why You Should Join Us?

Car Dealer portal is the one-stop solution for all your needs for your business online visibility, we deals internationally which will also open new doors of opportunity for you and take your business to new heights. We are proud to say that large numbers of local and international car dealer are subscribed with our Car dealer Portal, so what are you waiting for join us and convert your local business into a brand.


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